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About Eligo Milano

Founded in 2015 by a team of SDA Bocconi (E)MBAs, Eligo Milano is on a mission to spread bespoke Italian elegance worldwide, offering a unique experience to its customers.

Live your Sartorialist Experience

By registering through our website with the "BOOK NOW" button, you will be able to book an appointment with an Eligo "sartorialist" free of charge and tap into their expertise to identify best outfit for the event and evaluate whether to have it developed for you by Eligo Milano's Italian craftsmen.


If you decide to buy, you will get a 20% discount as a special promotion for the Ball's participants.


Eligo Milano works as a platform that allows you develop your personal dress style through a network of experienced sartorialists. The sartorialists are responsible for managing the design and production of your garments through Eligo Milano’s network of Italian ateliers and craftsmen.

Why Eligo Milano and the Milan Joint Business School Ball?

Eligo Milano addresses the needs of professionals who seek to distinguish themselves in their business environment also through a refined and elegant personal style. As such, Eligo Milano is a perfect match with the MBA and wider business school community.

Furthermore the Ball is an "exclusive" event where to make best use of their services to design your bespoke dinner jacket, shirt or long gown. 


Meet the sartorialists

At present, Eligo Milano can count on a network of 70+ Sartorialists with 20+ featured on their website serving all major Italian cities, UAE and Singapore.


As you can see from the video below, each sartorialist has her own take on elegance. As of this year, Eligo Milano has extended its scope to design elegant business and gala outfits for men and women. For more information and to select your preferred sartorialist for an appointment please visit the Eligo Milano website.

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