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A Weekend in.. MILANO

Brief Background

After the reunification of Italian kingdom in 1861 Rome became the capital, however Milan’s importance as the business capital of Italy remains intact still today. It is home of the Italian stock exchange (part of  London Stock Exchage Group), it is the financial centre of the country where most multinational companies are headquartered as well as one of the world capitals of fashion and design.

Cultural activities

  • The Duomo - 500 years in the making, the spiked gothic cathedral ( has been compared to a wedding cake and a ‘hedgehog’ (D.H. Lawrence). Its imposing interior contains some magnificent treasures but, for a truly breath-taking experience, climb the 150 steps (or take the lift) to the roof where you will be able to admire some of the 3,600 statues and 135 spires. On a fine day, the view stretches far beyond the city to the snow-capped Alps.  

  • Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper  - is undoubtedly Milan’s best-known attraction, but tickets must be booked well in advance ( Attached to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie you will get 15 minutes to examine the expressions of consternation, hostility and despair on the faces of the disciples, just as Jesus reveals his imminent betrayal. 

  • Teatro alla Scala – The world temple of Opera. The theatre is situated in the very central Piazza della Scala and was inaugurated in 1778 under the auspices of Austria’s Empress Maria Theresa. Apart from opera the theatre hosts ballet, orchestra and choir performances (

  • Castello Sforzesco – ( First built in the 14th Century by the local ruling family Visconti / Sforza it is a prime example of a medieval fortress which was constantly upgraded and enlarged. Nowadays it hosts exhibitions and it can be visited together with the neighboring park often used by the Milanese for their strolls. 

  • The Fashion District – A cultural expression of Milan’s fashion industry leadership, you will be able to walk around the “Quadrilatero” and admire the latest works and trends by the top Italian and International houses. Guided Tours are also available.

Things to do in Milan

  • Dining out – Over 5000 restaurants to choose from ranging from regional Italian to international cuisines.

Additionally, during the Ball's weekend it's also possible to visit the "Truffle Fair" in Alba, approx. 1,5 hours from Milano (

  • Aperitivo – This is the trademark of the Milanese crowd. The aperitivo is a typical after work “Happy Hour” appointment where you can sip home grown and international cocktails accompanied by buffet food for a fixed price. The aperitivo is served in most bars and cafes after 18:00. The most popular areas for the "aperitivo" are Brera, Navigli (Milan's canals) and more recently the "Isola" area next to Porta Garibaldi station. Here are a few suggestions for different tastes:

    • If you like mixology, we strongly recommend the following bars: The Pinch, Rita's, Mag Café, Botanical Club (specialized in gin) and Rufus.

    • If you are looking for a fashionable/ elegant setting, try the aperitivo at the Bulgari Hotel in Brera, the Doping Club (inside the Yard Hotel), Armani Bamboo Bar (inside the Armani Hotel) and of course Palazzo Parigi.

    • For breath-taking views of Milan, try the Terrazza Aperol (next to the Duomo), Rinascente food court, Terrazza 12 (inside the Brian&Barry building at MM1 San Babila), the Hotel "Viu" rooftop and "Ceresio 7".

  • Shopping – Milan has a wealth of fashion stores in the centre and factory outlets in the surrounding province. Apart from the previously mentioned "Quadrilatero", you may want to take a look at the following areas too:

    • Brera/Corso Garibaldi - In this area you will find many smaller ateliers of less known brands but by no means less stylish than their bigger competitors in the Quadrilatero. The famous "#10 Corso Como" concept store is a 10min walk from MM2 Moscova station.

    • Corso Vercelli area - The retail landscape of this area has changed significantly over the last 10 years, with concept stores and ateliers opening in Via Scarpa and Via Rasori. If you're looking for men's shoes, in Via Belfiore you will find the historical "Belfiore" and "Cardinale" boutiques, as well as the recently opened "Belsire".

    • Designer Outlets - There are several factory outlets in the outskirts of Milan offering a wide choice of apparel and furniture with Italian brands generally at very competitive prices vs. abroad. At the following outlets you will find famous brands selling at discounts of up to 70% off from RRP prices:

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