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As art enthusiasts, coming from a financial and consulting background, when attempting to acquire art, we were faced with a rather elitist and opaque market. We realised how limited access is to market outsiders without the tools and information, and therefore decided to create an innovative omnichannel platform to eliminate all these barriers. We believe in trasparency, so we created Mon Share Art, giving the chance to art lovers to acquire exclusive artworks in a few easy steps.


Mon Share Art aims to provide the necessary tools for investors, art lovers and collectors to facilitate the rental and acquisition of art, while also offering a secure platform to maximise investments.

We aim to offer a carefully curated, ever-growing selection of art, available both on and offline at MSA Display Spots, and to give artists more opportunities and exposure. MSA further prioritises catering to its collectors and corporate clients, creating a more transparent process and a more approachable market.

For more information please visit the Mon Share Art website


Guffanti Concept is a family-owned strategic fashion distribution platform that supports brands through the phases of production, communication and growth in markets in Italy and abroad.

The company works with a wide range of Italian and international brands covering women’s, children’s and wedding fashion selling in Italy, the former Soviet states, Greater China, South Korea and the Middle East.

Usually reserved for the most discerning fashionistas and journalists, Guffanti Concept has very kindly given access to its annual private sale that will be taking place between 01-17 November in its spacious Milan showroom located in via F. Corridoni 37, 20122 Milan, Italy

For more information, please contact Guffanti Concept Showroom directly via e-mail. The collections and brands handled by Guffanti Concept can be viewed on their instagram and facebook profiles.


Sartoria Deplano is a family-run tailor founded in 1927 and located in Morazzone (less than 1hr drive from Central Milan). Over the years Sartoria Deplano has built its reputation for delivering a high quality bespoke experience to discerning audience. Its proximity to Milan, Malpensa Airport and Switzerland has enabled them to service customers from all over Europe.

Whether you are looking for a bespoke dinner jacket for the Milan JBSB or other attire for men the Deplano brothers can tailor the perfect outfit making use of the best fabrics from world-famous manufacturers such as Vitale Barberis CanonicoLoro Piana, Zegna, Piacenza Cashmere e Fratelli Tallia di Delfino.

To find out more and to book an appointment with the Deplano brothers visit the company website or contact them directly via phone +390332464020


“In a woman’s wardrobe there are always more clothes than the ones she wears, but way fewer than those she would love to wear”

                                                                                                                        Caterina Maestro, Founder and CEO of DressYouCan

Based on this key business problem, DressYouCan was founded in 2016 by Caterina Maestro with the objective of providing women with the dream outfit for every occasion at an affordable price through the sharing economy.

DressYouCan offers its clients a massive collection of 2500+ outfits, shoes and accessories to create the perfect look for every occasion with a mix of established “maisons” (e.g. Giorgio Armani, Emilio Pucci and Alberta Ferretti) and emerging designers. The collection can be viewed and tried on in the DYC atelier located in Central Milan (Via Gian Giacomo Mora 1) where Caterina and her team will be delighted to assist you in creating your total look.

DYC’s services are centred around delivering the perfect outfit and will help you with the appropriate measurements to ensure that the dress you choose fits you perfectly.

Ball guests who are not based in Milan can still access DYC’s range of services via their website. Indeed, DYC offers you the possibility to choose up to 3 outfits that will be delivered to the address of your choosing on the weekend of the Ball. You can try on all of them and be charged only for the one you wear at the Ball!

DressYouCan’s offer for the Milan Joint Business School Ball 2019

By inserting the promocode MilanJBSB2019 you will receive the following benefits:

  • -10% discount on all rented outfits

  • -50% discount on “try on” service (€10 instead of €20)

  • Dedicated fashion renter at the atelier

  • Free delivery of outfits selected via website or at the showroom to your address in Milan (whether hotel or apartment)

For those of you who would like to try DYC’s services prior to the Ball, we are pleased to inform you that the above conditions will be valid from August 16th up until Sunday 17th November 2019.

For more information, visit the DYC website or e-mail


EnerSystems nasce nel gennaio del 2007 con una focalizzazione esclusiva al settore delle ENERGIE RINNOVABILI, con particolare riguardo al fotovoltaico, affermanodosi presto come uno dei principali operatori “autoctoni” del mercato in Sicilia e con ambizione di espansione nell'intero territorio nazionale: "Le energie rinnovabili sono il futuro del nostro pianeta".

Amministrata dall’ing. Vincenzo Scimeca e dai fratelli Nino e Claudio, l'azienda annovera la realizzazione di innumerevoli impianti realizzati e gestiti, ESCLUSIVAMENTE SU TETTI DI ABITAZIONI RESIDENZIALI E COPERTURE DI AZIENDE, non occupandosi volontariamente di impianti a terra, in ossequio alla propria VOCAZIONE ETICA in merito al cosiddetto “consumo del territorio”.

Studio Ghitti & Associati (SGA) is an advisory boutique which has been operating for over 30 years in the advisory world, offering high-standard professional services. SGA offers to Italian and foreign clients an independent and integrated advisory service.

SGA has followed a sustainable and calibrated growth trend, always persuaded that success of an advisory boutique depends on the high quality services it is able to deliver. According to this perspective, SGA’s mission is clear: offering excellent, well-advanced and tailored professional consultancy.

To reach its goals SGA believes that “passion for excellence” is essential. This motivation relies on SGA’s strong ethical code and steady devotion to the quality of the services it provides.

Indeed, although the firm is strongly client-oriented and focused on market trends, SGA is proud to have a flexible and proactive structure, open to new ideas, always based on the most recent scientific know how and international best practices.

High quality ideas carried by our experts, passion for their own job and their strong orientation to solve their clients’ problems are SGA main strengths and distinctive features.


RSM MBA Armada is the quintessential of Joint Business Schools Events and constitutes a unique opportunity for MBA Students & Alumni to interact, bond, develop their networks and to have fun on sailing boats in one of the most beautiful locations worldwide.

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