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Corporate sponsors:

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EnerSystems nasce nel gennaio del 2007 con una focalizzazione esclusiva al settore delle ENERGIE RINNOVABILI, con particolare riguardo al fotovoltaico, affermanodosi presto come uno dei principali operatori “autoctoni” del mercato in Sicilia e con ambizione di espansione nell'intero territorio nazionale: "Le energie rinnovabili sono il futuro del nostro pianeta".

Amministrata dall’ing. Vincenzo Scimeca e dai fratelli Nino e Claudio, l'azienda annovera la realizzazione di innumerevoli impianti realizzati e gestiti, ESCLUSIVAMENTE SU TETTI DI ABITAZIONI RESIDENZIALI E COPERTURE DI AZIENDE, non occupandosi volontariamente di impianti a terra, in ossequio alla propria VOCAZIONE ETICA in merito al cosiddetto “consumo del territorio”.

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36Brains, headquartered in Milan's historic Palazzo Stelline with an outpost in vibrant Berlin, it stands as a beacon in the corporate intelligence arena. Co-founders Marianna Vintiadis and Antonio Giuseppe Di Pietro have crafted a suite of high-impact corporate intelligence, investigative and forensic services, serving a diverse and international clientele of corporations, law firms, investment funds and public administrations. At the heart of our success? A potent fusion of innovative technology and a cadre of brilliant, young intellects.

For more information and to contact Marianna and Antonio please visit


ONEtoONE Corporate Finance offers independent and expert advice on corporate finance services. Their global infrastructure, investment banking expertise, and top-tier technology position them as a leading adviser for middle-market M&A transactions. They provide a range of services dedicated to helping clients grow businesses, drive innovation, and transform industries. The team comprises global industry and finance experts who cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from large companies to early-stage start-ups, corporate ventures, and family businesses. ONEtoONE offers global financing and strategic advisory services with an expertise that spans across sectors like consumer, healthcare, industrials, natural resources, real estate, and technology.

For more information and enquiries visit our website

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R M U is a professional consultancy firm. We advise and assist clients in their business decisions. We listen to them carefully and advise them on business opportunities with enthusiasm and flexibility. As a multidisciplinary team, we can develop and offer the best tailor-made solution.

Our strength lies in our deep knowledge and understanding of each client’s business organisation. This means we can assist and accompany our clients throughout the life of the company, even for turn-around events, by providing professional services that are tailored to their specific needs.

For more information and enquiries visit the RMU website

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